Queen Elizabeth Hospital

NSG Boffa operates a fully dedicated Service and Maintenance team that provide both Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Services to a wide variety of clients. The Service team is very familiar with the complexities of delivering Electrical Service Solutions to customers that are dependant upon the continuous operation of their sites and infrastructure. The team will work with all stakeholders to ensure that the complexity of the site operations are understood and that any potential impact of the Service and Maintenance operation is fully determined and logically planned before commencement. This can often result in the development of specific out-off-hours maintenance plans and specific infrastructure shutdowns when necessary.

The team at NSG Boffa are very familiar with the risks and issues of working within the Public environment and ensure that no risk or impact is overlooked regarding potential issues to the ongoing delivery of your services or your clients. In addition to this, preventative maintenance solutions are developed to ensure the continuity of base infrastructure operations and the full assurance of the removal of risk of unexpected failures.

Our Service and Maintenance package includes:

• Emergency and Responsive Maintenance
• Tailored and Scheduled Maintenance Programs
• Solar Installations
• Electrical Switchboard Maintenance
• Exit and Emergency Lighting Installation
• RCD Installation and Testing
• Testing and Tag of Electrical and Appliance Equipment
• Security Lighting Maintenance